Thursday, June 29, 2006
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ok, so my family just found out that one of my older cousins just had another baby. A little girl. aww.. it was cute the first, second and third time but this is her ninth kid and my cousin is only 29. I mean.. you really can't expect the family to have another emotion other then," Oh.. ANOTHER one.. what the hell she name this one?"

lmao let me explain. I'm not prissy nor am I bourgeois but my cousin is the epitome of ghetto-fabulous. Matter of fact, that whole entire side of the family is. All of her children's nicknames begin with the letter "P".

I'm laughing as I write this.. but from pumpkin, pickles, pepper, peaches, pear, plum, pikachu.. um, yes.. I stopped at pikachu. I wonder what this one is going to be named.. pumperknickle, pinto bean or passion fruit? Out of those 3, can you guess which one will be the stripper?

*singin of these things are not like the other, one of these things are not the same...* Sorry, I had a Sesame Street moment.

To make matters worse, all of these kids are dubbed with their father's names, girl or boy. Aaron'eisha'... Jere'Montai', you catch the drift. I swear each name has so many accent marks you don't know if it's a name or a curse word in french.

I know this whole post is entirely wrong.. but the madness has got to stop. Anytime my grandma gets told her grandchild is pregnant again, and she says "oh yeah?".. then continues to talk about the latest dream she had and which lottery number it signifies should tell you something.

k.. im done.
Monday, June 26, 2006
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my weekend was busy as hell. Lemme see.

FRIDAY-- So I get a call from this dude, JM, I've been talkin' to him pretty strong for about 2 months now.. we're nice friends. So he calls me at work like.."you busy tonight?" Now peep.. I never know what I'm doing until the day of.. unless it's some pre-planned shit.. other then that I don't know. So I tell him I'm not doing anything after work.. he proceeds to ask me if I wanna catch that "Waist Deep" flick. I say ok.. call me back with the times so we can figure out which one is coo.

Ok.. so around 4:00 p.m. on Friday, still at work, I get a call from the ex. He tells me he's in town from Boston and wants to chill. Since we are still friends, I tell him that I was going to the mall anyway RIGHT after work.. so I could come scoop him. Plus.. Bost.on doesn't have half the fliest shit Clevela.nd has so he was ready to cop some new gear.

So I go scoop the ex.. we'll call him C. Now.. I drive every damn where, so when I ride with someone that is legally capable of driving.. i'll slide to the passenger's seat asap. So he drove, we're chillin, laughin and scarin the white folks. Typical day. He cops some earrings.. them little rose gold hoops and some yellow diamond studs. I cop that new T-Mob.ile MDA phone.. but of course.

Mind you.. I received NO CALL from JM, me being me, I don't call either. I shrug it off and keep chillin. C gets a call from one of his boys to swing by this little Carri.bean Restaurant, so we go through there and meet with his boy and his girlfriend. It's bringing back some vibes from when we used to date, so I'm happy to leave after of course I get this jerk chicken shredded pasta dish.. OMG is was bomb.

Dude was pissy drunk though.. he had about 5 henn and coke's and my half assed malibu drink. Yes he did mix white and dark liquor. Of course I drive now.. cause I love dude.. but i'll be forced to put my 7 1/2 in his ass if he crashes my baby. We get back to my place and we chill on the couch to watch hustle n flow.. I knock out cause I'm beat. This ninja starts to massage my feet and I'm still dead to the world but I REFUSE to give up the panties. So he nods off and I set my phone to go off at 6 because I had to go to meet my girl at the amusement park. I wake up, wash up right fast, wake his ass up.. take him home, come back and shower.. handle my bizz and get on the road.

SATURDAY-- I finally get to the amusement park at about 11 a.m. and meet up with my homegirl from Dayt.on and ehr 2 friends. We chill and since we ALL ride rollercoasters.. it was a wrap. I think I hit up all of them. By the time 4:30 p.m. came, I was ready to head back to Clevel.and and since it was a hour and a half drive.. I dipped. I got back home at about 7 p.m., took a nap til about 9 p.m. then showered, re-dressed and headed to this bowling party my family was giving. Mind you.. the party was til' 1 a.m. so I had to get my sleep.

I bowled.. and you would swear I could bowl but I'm really just O.K. Besides, I'm a dancer so when they were playing the "black" music.. I had no problem dancing and gyrating to the beat with the ball in my hand in the middle of the lane. LOL. Aside from that one uncle that dresses TOO DAMN SHARP for any occassion. I swear we could have had a church car wash, and he woulda walked in with a Aquagreen suit, matching gators, and a hat broke to the side. So him walking into the Bowling spot with q Cantelope suit, matching gators and a matching hat was no different. Then of course.. that one aunt that complains about everydamn thing.. but as soon as she found out the alley had a connecting bar.. she was gone the rest of the night. I swear she didn't come out of the bar UNTIL 1 a.m. Mind you.. she had to tell me bye atleast 4 times. She probably think I was 4 different neices... and get this.. this aunt is atleast 60 years old. She's a Ol' corn whiskey drinker from WAYYY back. Soon as the fun and games ended.. I got home and crashed.

SUNDAY-- I don't go to church like I should.. matter of fact.. I haven't been in a good 7 months. So Sunday.. I slept until 10 a.m. then got up, cleaned, washed clothes, then proceeded to go over my grandmother's house to chill with a few of my aunts and my brother. I got home around 6 and argued with JM cause he tried to play ya girl with the phony.. "you aint call me, so i didn't know if you were still interested in the movies" bit. AHHHH Nigga.. I ain't buyin that bullshit. Swear I need a phone I can just put my fuckin hand through like that movie Ghost Dad... and powder slap him right in the damn grill. THEN.. he goes on to say.. you ain't invite me to Cedar Point OR the bowling jumpoff.


That was the pregnant.. mothfuckin pause I took on the phone while i re-grouped myself. I told him the Cedar Point thing was a moment to chill with my girl. It was ALL females, no dudes so it would have been out of pocket to have him there with me. As for the bowling thing.. I DID tell him about it and told him if he wanted to go, let me know. I got no response, so I dipped. Case Closed.

MONDAY MORNING-- I get a drunk text at 3:40 a.m. from C .. telling me that he wanted me and all that bullshit. Erhm.. bruh.. I take no steps backwards.. despite how good he was looking.

I can already tell this week is gonna be crazy
Friday, June 16, 2006
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i went to my brother's baseball game yesterday evening. They killed the kids.. 12-2. Ha.. in yo face.. that's right.. cry nigga.. cry!!!!!!!!

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there killa's in the flesh...wooo they beasts.. and a bunch of hyperactive boys.. so they all looking every which way.

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there's my boo.. he was starting pitcher.. and he lookin all sad. Why you ask? Cause my damn mama told him he did terrible... so he has a attitude problem. It's okay though.. if I coulda beamed her with a baseball I woulda. I can run..

no really.. I can.
Thursday, June 15, 2006
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Today is my grandma's birthday. For someone that has done so much for me that it is seemingly hard to find things to do for her and tell her how much she means to me. I mean.. I am 24 years old and no matter how many years go by, my "mama" is still my ace.

You see, I was raised by my grandma. Coming into a childhood that was severe. My father was there for the first few years of my life, and around age 8 they separated and he went to West Virginia after he left the military while me and my mother were in Cleveland. My mother was in the military and just recently retired after 30 + years. Around age 11 my mother turned into an abusive alcoholic that decided to shower me with taunts, name calling, threats, fists of fury and faces of spite. Everyday my mother never hesitated to call me bitches, sluts, whores, beat me and whatever else she needed to do before she passed out in a puddle whatever drink she decided to consume that day.

Being an only child, I was a straight A student, honor roll, quiet and often shy kid that loved to have fun but never really got the opportunity. I stayed like that until high school and beyond. My grandma was my outlet. She was the person that I could tell everything to and she would never utter a soul unless I told her to. She was the person that kept telling me to pray and He'll see me through. Age 15, my mother decided to get pregnant and out pops my baby brother Ty. Still an alcoholic, my mother left me to take care of Ty. Day in and day out, I was the one that fed him, changed him, slept with him and put him to sleep throughout the night. Yes, I was the one that was up every hour on the hour changing his clothes because Simi.lac was too heavy for his stomach and he would puke it back up.. often getting back to sleep at 7 a.m. and being woke up by my mother at 8:30 a.m. so that I could get ready for school while she came in the house from working 3rd shift.

Around 16, the drinking and abuse got worse, she never hit my brother but was negligent in her ways, often leaving him unattended while she took a nap and I was at school.. I know because I often found him standing on chairs in the kitchen playing with seasoning spices while she was knocked out on the sofa with a 40 oz.

At age 17 I told my grandma I needed help, I had to get out of that house and with help from my grandfather I was able to move out. Had I not.. she might have killed me or even worse, I might have killed myself. I remember going through bouts of depression, knowig that no one loved me, often my mother would validate that by telling me she was happy she had another kid, cause she loved him more then me. My grandma was my inspiration, she is what kept me going and living. Without her telling me that I could do anything, I probably would have been in a worse off situation.

I left out alot of things that happened throughout my life, alot of hurt and pain, alot of men that came in and out of the house and alot of things that happened to me while doing so.. but

I can say that I love my grandma aka my mama with all of my heart and I can never do too much to tell her so. She was the rock and motivation that a little girl like me needed to develop into the woman that I am today.. I have achieved so much that I am thankful each and every single day to have been blessed with a person like her. As my grandma was with me, I am the person that is trying to be the rock for my brother. He remains to be with my mother until he reaches a certain age.. after that, I am taking custody.

Many times I wonder why did I go through those things, but I realized that those trials were needed to develop my character.

Damn.. the life and times. ..
Monday, June 12, 2006
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ok.. so tell me Why?

why did I see the ugliest baby I think I ever saw before in life?
why did the grandfather keep bringing the baby near me and I didn't know whether to get offended, take off my silver hoops and start bobbin an weavin' or walk away upset and mad at the world?

why was I really offended?
why did the baby have a nappy, brownish "Last of the Mohicans" tomahawk hairstyle?
why was the baby staring at me like I was just dead wrong?
why did I make the "you just walked past the area where someone farted and it smells like death warmed over" face?
why did I go back into my grandma's house and asked her if she saw the ugly baby?
why did mama say, " oo chileee i don't wanna see that baby."
why is my grandma funny as shit?
why did we have a convo on ugly kids and my grandma said that the old people used to say ugly babies grow up to be pretty?

*pauses.. I don't believe you.. you need more people"

why did grandma say that all parents think they're kids are the prettiest things ever born?
why do I think I'll be the first parent to know when my kid is ugly?

SMH.. I hope i don't have a ugly kid.. cause i'll give "it" a pep talk like eh.. ya gotta do wha u gotta do.. an keep it movin.

be easy bloggers.
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
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Alright, so as I'm sitting at my desk, drinking my coffee and I had a good blog on this whole "ban against gay marriages" and how it's just a ploy to occupy our minds so that we won't be thinking about the many Americans dying overseas, the skyrocketing gas prices that you need a loan for, the millions of pediphiles that are abusing kids daily, the millions of people that are in poverty, the millions of kids that are going to bed hungry, the millions of people that are dying because they have no health care and the fact that AIDS is wiping out African Americans more and more. Why the fluck are they bothering the gay community? ..if they want to do what they do, let them do it. They have to do what everyone else has to do eventually and that's answer to the man upstairs. So leave them the fluck alone and worry about some more important issues.

But as I gained another moment of clarity.. "Hova"..

I thought about all this nonsense around 6/6/6. I don't see a reason to be scared. Admitting so, that I do not read the Bible as I should.. I do know that it says rejoice in the day the Lord has made so why is everyone running mad and saying today is satan's day? Um.. correction.. My Lord made this day and yes, if you believe in those things like superstition then I guess you are doomed. If today is going to be the day the rapture comes.. then it will be.. just like if He wanted it to come yesterday, it would have came yesterday.

I figure.. if you prepared yourself to walk in His footsteps then you should have nothing to fear. Everyone sins, but no 1 sin is greater then the next so as long as you acknowledge the fact that you have sinned and bring it forth to repent.. then who else you know forgives you continuously for things you should know better doing?

I'll discuss George Dubya aka the spawn tomorrow.