Monday, November 26, 2007
posted by thee modern isis at 9:19 AM

All in all, my Thanksgiving was cool.

The drunk auntie that can't stand noise didn't make it this year.. and usually when she says," Child.. I don't think I'm coming." She shows up and pisses us all off. This year we had a family pool going on if she was going to come or not.. and after all these years of saying she's not coming.. she actually didn't come. It was beautiful! Now don't get me wrong.. we love her to death.. DEATH... lol but she's a pain. She complains about every damn thing under the sun, she fusses, she knows it all and you know nothing especially if you were there and she wasn't, she never makes the dish that everyone likes.. she rather bring some crap that no one on God's green earth wants .. like boiled brussel sprouts, she reaches for the wine like it's a career goal and she'll drink all damn day while singing Down Home Blues and cussing at us when the TV's t0o loud (above a mouse pissing on cotton is too loud).

No one had to ask who made the potato salad this year because my cousin lays it out. The prodigal son (my male cousin) came over for Thanksgiving even though he moved in with his girlfriend across town and she's trying to separate him from his fam and friends.

I went to see T.his C.hristmas and B.eowulf. They both were really good, I remember having to read the book B.eowulf for a literature course so it was nice seeing things on the screen and associating it with the book. Also, T.his C.hristmas was madd funny, from the sexy men (I.dris, C.olumbus, to the "I know that's right!" parts.

Saturday evening - Sunday afternoon I spent entwined and entangled with R. From a hot oil massage that turned into something else.. to the breakfast in bed made with my coffee with cream and 3 sugars. Wrestled with the kids (his daughter and nephew) then wrestled with him (ha). I enjoyed the evening very much so.

I came home to shampoo and conditon my hair, curled up on the couch with my B.rowns lounge pants and a wife beater and watched C.old C.ase.

My weekend was wonderful. I hope everyone had a great holiday.

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Friday, November 09, 2007
posted by thee modern isis at 10:25 AM

As I sit here at my desk, reading a Pre-Bid Doc. and sipping my coffee with the Southern Butter Pecan Creamer I'm in a state of mental frenzy.

My grandfather got admitted into the emergency room on Sunday because he fell out in church and was in the hospital until Tuesday evening. My best friend's cousin was shot and killed on the street last week. Another close friend lost her daddy last week and isn't taking it well at all. I've been arguing with my S.O since Tuesday night over a subject that is so stupid it shouldn't have been taken to the point of no return but he chose to take it there.

You see.. I don't like arguing.. I truly don't. I don't like yelling which means that I expect you to respect that enough not to yell or curse at me. When the other person is raising their voice and getting loud, I'm the one whose voice is calm yet stating how and what I feel. When I feel like you're just not trying to hear me then I get loud and indignant. I made my point Wednesday so now I'm done with it.

I'm so drained of emotion because of all of the recent events that have been spiraling that I can't continue to argue or fight over some simple B.S. My text messages have been going off all night (from him). My text messages have been blowing up all morning (from him) and I don't care.

I'm an Aquarius so I am so nonchalant and aloof it's ridiculous. I've come to realize that he wants someone to be underneath him 24/7 and if you're not then in his mind.. you don't think he's important enough and you're probably doing someone. LOL. It's not funny.. well wait.. it is to me. I have done so much for him.. being there emotionally while trying to be a cool big sister, a caring granddaughter, a determined full-time student, a team player on a bowling league and a diligent full-time worker. I am spreading myself so thin that I have lost sight of where I am and who I am. I now realized why I was single for so long, because I wanted to concentrate and do me.

So as I sit here at my desk, reading a Pre-Bid Doc. and sipping my coffee with the Southern Butter Pecan Creamer I'm at peace.

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