Wednesday, January 17, 2007
posted by thee modern isis at 12:25 PM

What's going on bloggers?

I guess the least I can do is shortly summarize everything that's been going on with me. Let's see, I had surgery on the 6th of December in which they removed a 5 inch fibroid from my uterus. I was recovering for a month and even when I went to see the doctor for a follow-up visit.. I was tempted to bribe him to let me stay off of work another month but after mentally going over what I had in my account.. I came to the conclusion that he wouldn't want the chump change. So after pleading, whining and turning on the *angry black girl attitude* he signed the FMLA return to work paperwork and sent me on my way. I was staying with my grandparents for a month and although I love them.. they wouldn't let me do anything. Couldn't leave the house, couldn't walk anywhere by myself... I felt like the girl in the bubble.

I shoulda went out before I had surgery but didn't.. so now that's all I been doing. Yeah.. I'm not 100% better.. I'm more like 90% but that's not stopping me from doin the damn thing. I seen Stomp the Yard on opening night.. and I must say.. the movie was great not to mention all the half naked men running around helped boost the vote for me. Dude coulda got it twice on that damn lawnmower he was pushing. I saw that Cedric movie.. it was free so I guess I can't complain but that damn movie was awful.. I laughed harder on the movie previews.

I noticed alot of people are leaving blogger.. with my nonexistent blogging ass.. I guess I can't really go anywhere.. I haven't hit 50 posts yet. lol I didn't make a New Years Resolution, I never do.. I just plan to make 2007 better then the next.. and I must say so myself.. it's starting off real lovely.

I got rid of a bunch of dudes I was messing with off and on, I started working out (again), hitting up the poetry venue every Sunday night, and trying to stay busy. I have a trip to San Diego lined up for May and my birthday is next month (Feb. 18) and my best friend is throwing me a party. Yes, yes ya girl will be 25 years old.

Now that I look back on this entry.. it's not exactly short but who cares. Take it easy ya'll.