Friday, August 01, 2008
posted by thee modern isis at 10:36 AM

I remember this one episode of Half and Half when Dee Dee was dating this guy. He had it going on in the looks department, intelligent and everything but he had a fetish with her feet. She would try and intice him with her body but he always seemed to massage her feet. It later ended because um.. he couldn't stop thinking about her feet.

I say this to say .. I had a guy like that. I dated this dude for a little while. He was madd sexy, had that sexy Philly "boul" accent, smooth skin, lips to die for, nice dress style and could "sang" his ass off. Everything was cool, until he offered me a massage.

Now I've been snuck before with the "lemme give you a massage girl" and then one thing led to another and I'm laying there in a coma-like trance like damn, he's smooth cause I got GOT.

But not with this dude.

So I do what I do. I lay down on my stomach on his black leather couch (that I think all bachelor's got from the same damn store) and he proceeds to rub my lower back. He's starting with those soft rubs that leads into kneading. Massaging all stress away. He moves up to my sides and since I'm a little ticklish I squirm a bit. He finds his way to my shoulders and I let out a "mmph" cause it's feeling a little good. He goes to the center of my back and starts moving his thumb in small circles. Then he moves down. My eyebrow raises up a bit cause I'm thinking to myself, " Say bruh.. where you goin?" He goes down lower. He slips off my peeptoe's and starts massaging my foot. I say well damn. That feels good. Then he started to kiss my feet and before I knew it, my toes went into his mouth. Hmmmm.

Tell me why he stayed on my feet for a good 30 minutes. To the point where I was like um.. can you pick another spot now because you have clearly overstayed your welcome at my feet.

The days that followed, when I would go over his house. He automatically went for my feet. Sometimes when I sat on the couch, he would sit on the floor beside me so that he could be closer to my feet. No matter what outfit I had on, he would look at my feet. I swear, I could've come out the house in a wheelchair and as long as my feet were stil attached he was a happy man.

So yeah, I ended that "relationship" quickly. I all of a sudden stopped calling because I don't think my feet were ready for that kind of committment. Everything was just so sudden.