Tuesday, February 26, 2008
posted by thee modern isis at 1:49 PM

Alot of crap has been going on i.e. work, school, Tai-Chi, men, family reunion planning, men, kid brother, boys, my mother, my father, boys, my best friend, looking for a new spot to live and men.

I think that about sums it up.. so instead of typing about what's going on now.. I'll talk about the odd-ball "this only happens to me" type uh' crap that happened a few weeks ago.

So .. I'm at work and I get in a package from the field personnel. I sit the U.PS package to the side and proceed to do some other work i.e. on A.mazon, or listening to music, talking on the phone, or searching my gossip blogs. I get ready to do some work, I open up the package and notices it's one of my big jobs that I've been waiting on to finish up so I can get the warranty and whatnot done. I take out the disks to move the photos onto the the project file on the computer when somethin catches my eye. Instead of naming each file by a specific roof section, this particular superintendent names it a female name. Just in case legal is surfing the net.. he named it **"Gina". Not really thinking anything of it.. I click on it and a huge .jpg file of some woman with a summer sausage in her snatch with the superintendent assisting her in her endeavors is on my computer screen.

Well, since I am at work and I knowingly would never search pron while at work.. I jumped up from my desk and yelled OH SHYT.

Of course, that started a couple of "OMG's, WTF's and Isis???!!!" responses from my coworkers. My supervisor and Vice P. are involved and long story short... this superintendent is now under investigation.

** the names have been changed to protect the erra uh.. innocent??
*** Side note: I hope he took Gina to the emergency room after cause I'm sure her insides are all shifted to the side.