Wednesday, May 24, 2006
posted by thee modern isis at 8:34 AM

ridin down the street hittin corners like im in INDY .. after work.. gas tank a quarter past fuckin my wallet again.. window's down.. sunroof open an my system beatin' Elevators by Outkast..

"One for the money yes uhh two for the show
A couple of years ago on Headland and Delowe.."
"damn.. a red light." boppin my head to the beat.. laughin at Andre. lookin to the left at the ground.. "hmph..ya rims is lovely hun." lookin up a little.."black on black, shinin' 06' Maxima.. nice!" ..
"...Over a million sold to this day, niggas that take it lightly
Ninety-six gon be that year that all y'all playa haters can bite me.."
brown-skinned.. nice tone.. thick lips.. shaped sideburns an goatee, .. a sixers (red, white an blue) fitted sittin barely on his head.. fresh cutt.. deep waves. i look up.. make eye contact.. do a twisted smile. he closed mouth smiles an those dimples appear.
"Me and you
your momma and your cousin too
Rollin' down the strip on vogues
Comin' up slammin' Cadillac doors"
"did i just lick and bite my bottom lip?" .. "is he leanin over towards me?" .. i ..on the sly turn down the volume a lil just in case he tryin to say somethin...
"Back in the day when I was younger, hunger
Lookin to fill my belly with that Rally's, bullshit,
pull shit off like it was supposed to be pulled.. "
I look over again an he opens his mouth. it's like the sky was cloudy and the sun emerged out of nowhere..
hell naw.. i'm gettin' blinded by his fuckin' gold grill. the light turns green.. an i NASCAR off..
"..Naw not really but he kept smilin' like a clown
facial expression' lookin silly.."
SMH .. i have got to start this petition against gold teeth!
Tuesday, May 23, 2006
posted by thee modern isis at 11:14 AM

1. tell me why I think I'm fly cause I got a new player installed in my ride yesterday
2. tell me why I'm callin around today to get an estimate on mirror tint
3. why am I goin to the Spa after work today?
4. why is my system bangin though an it display's blue and red
5. why i get my hair microbraided Sunday nite and my head still hurts
6. why my new lipgloss shimmer actually taste like strawberries though..
7. why did i cop the Razr slvr when it was only sold overseas..
8. why cause everyone got it now.. I'm switchin phones
9. why did i lose ma Ipod and haven't found it since Christmas
10. why do I think someone stole it an I was just too busy to notice
11. why did i catch myself about to cop another one
12. why do i have Cingular.. an wanna switch to T-mobile for a sidekick
13. why do i ONLY wanna switch for a Juicy Couture sidekick
14. why did i cop 2 new cd's after i got my player installed
15. why does my player have a remote.. so I think im extra fly
17. why did i skip 16 and i'm too fly to start over?
18. why did I hear that in Philly.. some chick ripped her dude's balls off with her fingernails cause he was cheatin?
19. why was i rollin' when i heard it?
20. why don't i feel bad for dude?
21. why is it still funny?
22. why is almost everyone in my high school graduating class (2000!) pregnant, married, or baby mama'd
23. why do i walk through the kids section of stores an look at the lil' boy's clothes?
24. why do i "aww" out loud
25. why do i think about labor an walk away madd fast
26. why did i get "honked" at by a dude in a minivan
27. lol why did i turn an try to walk away cute.. an my foot went to the side
28. why did i play it off though an walk away casually fly
29. why am i at work tryin to think of more "whys"
30. why i gotta stop though cause i need to do some work..

Friday, May 19, 2006
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This is only a snippet of my bloggin', mind you.. i'm at work and supposed to be workin'.. let me rewind and tell you about what happened yestaday.

so peep.. I'm at my desk at work an the leasin office calls me to tell me they are gonna install the last remaining 3 of my vertical blinds in ma living room. *rewindin furtha* 2 months ago when I first moved in, they went to hang the blinds and 3 were broken, so they had to send them back out and get replacements.. I guess them shits finally came.
*back on track* so she asks me if im at home or work, i tell her I'm at work go ahead in, it's coo. She says ok, by the time I get off.. at 5 p.m., everything should be taken care of. So I don't think nothin of it, I handle my business, go watch my lil' brother at baseball practice.. uh I think that's what they were doin.. or playin WWE with a baseball an bat. *shrugs*

I come home.. open the door.. stare.. close the door.. pause.. breathe.. an open the door again. I swea it looked like I was jacked by Tim the toolman. They didn't hang 3 blinds.. they replaced the whole kitchen counter.. which they were supposed to do before I moved in.. 2 fuckin' months ago.. so bet. I look.. all my shit is pulled out the cabinets and sittin on my table.. my microwave got residue on it from where they was drillin some got damn where. By now.. i'm pissed.. so I go in the bathroom ta look around.. WDF?!?!

the bathroom counter had been replaced.. and all my little girly stuff is moved elsewhere.. on my glass medicine cabinet. So me bein me.. i'm like.. lemme chill.. I go to the pantry an get my bucket.. pour some pinesol in there and start to cleanin up a little.. I have been m.i.a. for a minute.. i go to move the trashcan in the bathroom.. an what the hell do I see? My square framed, black acrylic glasses on the floor, behind the toilet, broken in 2 pieces. I lose my fuckin mind. I start yellin, cussin, an complainin cause wait.. those were a pair of $250.00 prescription glasses an my ass ain't break em. So of course, I call the leasin office and left a voicemail.. it said in nice terms that if someone ain't call me in the office regardin the items that they broke then I was gonna come and see them.. after work.. in the parkin lot. Ok.. it wasn't that bad.. but I did have a nasty tone.

I spent the rest of the day examinin' my crib like I was fuckin CSI .. caulking around the sinks weren't dry.. the cord for the new garbage disposal is danglin.. the puddy in the sink basin is sloppy as shit and smeared all on the metal sink .. the floor got shit all on it.. someone pissed in the toilet an ain't flush ..ARGH .. i hate for my crib to be disrespected.. it wasn't like that from the get.. don't transform it into some other shit..

I ain't clean shit.. I left it alone like they left it.. cause it was of course a crime scene..

I'll have somethin else to blog about soon as my damn slumlord calls me..