Wednesday, February 07, 2007
posted by thee modern isis at 9:36 AM

I have one good windshield wiper. The rubber from the right wiper got demolished with the ice so the only good one is the right wiper.

I spilled a cup of coffee on my burnt orange timbs. Now they're stained.

My kid brother got straight A's on his report card so I took him to see Stomp The Yard. He was sad when he found out Chris Brown died within the first 10 minutes then after the movie told all the kids Chris Brown died and they all mourned him. (the kids thought he died for real lmao)

I'm having my first birthday party (since I am an adult) on the 17th. The last party I had, I was 7 and it was a party for me and my mother since her birthday is on the 17th and mine is the 18th.

I broke down and bought another Ipod.. so I'm jammin at work now.

I found my old best friend on the county criminal search page. She has like 5 criminal charges and it's sad cause I'm supposed to be the God-mother of her daughter. I only saw the kid once.. sad ordeal.

J keeps sending me emails about missing me. Eh.. funny when I was around he wasn't on it.. now that I'm kicking it and moved on.. I'm not on it ninja!

C (another ex) is all depressed cause he graduated from Boston with his communications degree and can't find a job here. He sends me texts about wanting someone to hold.. uh.. I missed the memo that said I was providing a listening ear, shoulder to cry on and some ass.

One of my girl's got measured for a new bra and when the clerk told her she wore a size "G" her mouth dropped and she told her, "OMG.. getdafuckouttahere!" She told me on the phone and I laughed so hard I almost died twice.

I discriminate against dudes from different parts of the city. As soon as they tell me they are from St. Clair, South Euclid or East Cleveland.. I end the convo a.s.a.p and leave.

I love slogan shirts. My favorite is this one that says, "This sh*t is bananas.. b-a-n-a-n-a-s!"

Random crap but this is what it is.