Thursday, July 19, 2007
posted by thee modern isis at 11:32 AM

So I decided while at work not doing a damn thing that I'll start blogging again. Not like much is exciting in my life but got damn.. if someone would have told me that Blogger now saves your drafts automatically.. I woulda been back sooner. (I doubt it but the idea was kinda cute.) So.. what has been going on in my life? Not a damn thing!

I've been grinding madd hard at the job because basically since I'm a young, intelligent black female in a mostly dominate white man's field I have to prove myself x's 5. Other then that.. I'm trying to make my dough between 8:30-5:00 and leave the slaveship quick fast and in a hurry. I've been doing alot of meetings lately and it's finally slowing down so I think I'm safe.

Lemme see.. I've been maintaining my status quo of being stylish and chic. Got the new spikey hair cut, the eyebrows waxed and arched madd nicely and the cute colorful heels. Only thing is... since I attempt to go running 3 times a week.. and when I say attempt it's like in between a power walk and a gallup lmao but my hair starts to sweat and my cute-do looks something like who did it.. and you need to slap the hell out of em' if they do it again.

I'm kinda like a baseball mom for my brother's little league team. I go to every damn game and you would notice that I am the one that goes to her trunk, pulls out a fold out chair.. sits it under the shade... sits down for 5 minutes and as soon as the umpire says " Ball In!" I go and stand behind the plate the ENTIRE TIME. I know all the kids names, cheers on the pitcher and gives them pep talks when they lose. So much so that the coaches call me Coach. They tried to get me to keep score but by the time that shit ended I had a score of 13-7 and I don't think they did 13. We'll just say that the other team loved me since I gave them more runs.. and MVP aka my brother's team didn't like it so well. Soooo.. I haven't kept score since.. I don't want to.. but I don't think they do either.

I've taken up bowling as a hobby.. shit sounds corny but I'm so serious about my games son! I go on Sundays and since I'm me.. all the old ass geezers hit on me. I get a discounted game.. usually 3 dollars for however long I wanna bowl cause I know the dude that owns it. Soon as I take the ball and get my form right.. I turn around and all them damn N***** (since the N word died) is staring at me. Other then the dirty feeling of having some dude that's 30 + years my senior trying to give me personalized "lessons" and the fat dude that I doubt very seriously can see his mini me due to the excess roll around the waist.. it's alright I guess.

Brief story.. tell me why I went to San Diego for a week to kick it with my older male cousin.. who didn't tell me that he was getting evicted from his apt. that I was gonna stay in with him, the apt. was the size of HALF an efficiency, had a crazy ass puerto rican girlfriend who he explained as "40 first dates" cause evidently this broad ain't remember nothing from past days, wanted to take me to see every damn site in Cali but had no money for gas.. so I did what any sane person would do. I booked a one way flight back to Cleveland early.. disregarded the money I wasted on a round trip flight and called it a day.

I'm back.