Wednesday, August 29, 2007
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The rules are to elaborate on the word(s) I've put in bold lettering below.

Accent – I don't have an accent. I live in Cleveland and whenever I go visit fam down south they say "you sound like you from up north" No idea but I don't have an accent!

I Don't Drink – orange juice with pulp. It has to be no pulp or I'll gag.

Chore I Hate – I HATE folding clothes. I can wash all day but when it comes to folding.. I hate it.

Pets – I love dogs and eventually I want a yorkie. When I was a kid I had about 5 dogs in my lifetime (not simultaneously) and my mother got rid of each and everyone of them on the basis of her being afraid of ALL animals.

Essential Electronic – I have to have my cellphone/PDA with me at all times

Perfume/Cologne – I wear D&G Feminine, Victoria's Secret Pink and Ceruti Image'. For men I love the scent of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Gold or silver – I used to rock nothing but gold.. especially my fat herringbone with my nameplate.. but I grew out of it and now I like silver.

Insomnia – I used to be able to stay up in college but now I have to be in bed no later then 12 a.m. and if I have to work I'll be in bed around 10 p.m.

Job Title – Construction Administrator

Most Admired Trait – I get compliments on my lips and my smile

Kids – I love kids and will probably want atleast 3 when the time is right.

Religion – I was raised Baptist and went to Catholic school.. how that works out I have no idea but I wish a nun would hit my knuckles. pshhh

Siblings – I have a 10 yr old brother and a 28 yr old sister. I also have a male cousin that's 16 who I think of as a brother.

Time I wake up – I wake up at 6 a.m. M-F and 8:30 on the weekends.

Unusual talent/skill – I'm double jointed in my arms so I can clasp my hands together and rotate them front to back while still connected.

Vegetable I refuse to eat – My grandma used to make me eat lima beans and black eyed peas when I was little so now I hate them. I also will absolutely not eat okra.

Worst habit – I can hold a grudge like a mutha----.. I also have the ability to write a person out of my life with no hesitation.

X-rays – Last year I have had every kind of x-ray imaginable.. the last was my stomach.

My favorite meal – I love italian food and also seafood.
Friday, August 24, 2007
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1. I love... ME, my family, my friends, God

2. Right now I want... to finish drinking my cup of coffee before a construction manager calls me requesting work done

3. I feel like... i am so well rested

4. I hate it when... i have dreams of someone close to me dying

5. I fear... my relationship with my mother will never be back to the way it was

6. I'm lonely without ... N/A.. I rarely get "lonely"

7. I need... to get my rear brakes fixed

8. Today I... will get my eyebrows waxed during lunch and get my hair done after work .. then go play pool tonight with Rob

9. Tomorrow I'm... supposed to go out of town with his family to Kentucky but I don't see that happening now.. I have a Sunday class

10. I just... looked at the newspaper website.. the world is crazy

11. I want to meet... Winnie Mandela.. I thought she is/was a strong woman

12. I'm hungry for... mandarine oranges in light syrup

13. I love it when... i have conversations with my kid brother. The weight of his intelligence never ceases to amaze me.

14. I'm afraid of... standing up in front of an audience

15. I'm listening to... my co-worker gossipping about her baby daddy

16. I'm wearing... khaki linen capris with a chocolate short sleeved blouse and chocolate suede baby doll shoes

17. I wish I was in... a wifebeater with some baby sweatpants and fuzzy socks at home on the couch

18. I'm craving... those damn mandarine oranges in light syrup

19. I want to get... rich by winning the M.ega Mi.llions .. that crap is up to over 300 Mil.

20. I can... tell by the revenue reports I'm getting that next week is going to be CRAZY!

21. I can't... wait until a good r&b cd drops .. im anticipating Ji.ll's new CD and T.eedra' 2nd LP

22. I have... been so much time with Rob that I don't want the days to end *sighs*

23. I haven't... been over my grandma's house in 4 days.. it's about time i get movin

24. I'm too nervous to... N/A I'm not nervous about crap

25. My Mom thinks/thought I was... going to never leave .. the abuse got to be too much

26. My Dad thinks I'm... over him never being around.. I pray one day I will be.

27. My liver... was abused horribly at my 25th birthday party.

28. I'm most happy when... sitting at my granny's feet with my head in her lap.

29. I'm sad when... parents abuse there kids.. i know the damage it does

30. I like eating... chicken!

31. I hate eating... brussel sprouts .. them things stink.

32. I love watching... movies.

33. I love listening to... all kinds of music.

34. I like playing... playstation

35. I hate waking up to... the sounds of a sirens

36. I can see... that it's time to do some work

37. I'm glad that.... i still smile when i see those "thinking of you" text messages

38. I'm disappointed that... my cousin gave my auntie no other choice but to kick him out of the house

39. I look like... i need a drink

40. I wish I looked like... i won the M.ega M.illions!
Thursday, August 23, 2007
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I went to a funeral not too long ago and was so shocked at the things I had learned. It was a elderly woman that passed away.. but she had already had her entire funeral mapped out. I guess when you're young you really don't take the time to think about when you pass let alone who you want speaking on your behalf. The things she had prepared were mind boggling though..

  • the dress to be buried in
  • her own make-up and nail polish
  • earrings
  • shoes
  • obituary already made up
  • a self written poem to the family
  • sealed up all requests and had one issued to her daughter and one issued to the funeral home
I remember a long time ago in school as a class project we wrote our obituaries out. I can't remember what I said but I know it damn near boiled down to who I was giving my prized possessions away to. My Sega Genesis was given to a cousin and my 10-speed mountain bike was left to my best friend. lol I mean shit.. I was young so I didn't own anything at the time. I thought about it though after that funeral and wondered what I would write about in my obituary.

Would my funeral be a ghetto turn out filled with family members snapping pictures in front of the casket like there was a drop background of a stretch Hummer and bottles of champagne?

Would people be tossing themselves on the casket while I'm in the earth talking about, " ahhh Jesus Noooo.. please take me instead.. why her??? Jesus why herrrrr???!!!"

Would people wear air brushed shirts that had a picture of me on the front and said on the back.. "R.I.P. Tasha"?

Would someone break out into a fight in the middle of the church while the organist plays a beautiful rendition of, " Whoop.. There is it"?

What? I'm just sayin...